Plastic Product Development Process

1. Mockup Creation

With a concept and design in mind, we altogether brainstorm and review your design idea in a manufacturing perspective. We materialize the concept through a 2D mockup of the idea and then check on the specifications needed for it.

2. Design Optimization

We will come up with an overview for the parts needed for your plastic product. The materials which will be used for your product will be selected and we always make sure we pick top quality materials yet fitting for your budget and needs before heading into production. As your product design firm, we will make sure that all mass manufacturing aspects are considered early on.

3. Create a 3D Model

Once we have established the dimensions of your plastic product, we will now implement the design and other parts needed by your design and this should be described in details for the manufacturing company to comprehend. The 3D model will serve as your basis for the product prototype.

4. Create a Product Prototype

Prototyping is an integral process in the plastic manufacturing process. The product prototype will serve as the basis for production and it will be your first-hand experience of how your final product will come out the production line. Some issues and flaws to the product can only be determined through product prototyping which makes it necessary before we move on mass production.

5. Mold Creation

If the product prototype passes your standards then we now proceed to building your molds. Unlike traditional injection molding companies, we provide different options along with various quotes in plastic molding development to suit your needs and budget. More importantly, these molds will be owned by your company and exclusively used for your plastic products.

6. On to the Production Line

With your product ready for mass production, we will help you set up the production line through our network of plastic factories and injection molding companies. We intervene in quality control management to make sure each production batch is done right according to our plastic product development process.

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Plastic Product and Mold Manufacturer

Berpengalaman selama lebih dari 10 tahun dalam pembuatan produk-produk plastik berkualitas. Produk-produk yang telah diproduksi adalah gulungan benang untuk perusahaan tekstil, alat-alat pendidikan dan promosi, tempat makan, tempat minum dan banyak produk lainnya. Selain membuat produk-produk plastik, perusahaan juga menyediakan jasa pembuatan mould dan spare part dengan menggunakan proses-proses pemesinan.


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